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Latest Trends In Diamond Jewelry

Gold diamond jewelry is not only an emotional purchase, but also has the capacity to tell stories. That’s what makes them heirlooms. Jewelry trends tend to change frequently and when it comes to diamonds the frequency increases even further because diamonds are also status symbols. Any diamond jewelry designer will be always in tune with the latest trends in diamond jewelry design.

The one lasting trend in any kind of gold diamond jewellery is the comeback of bold statement pieces. Big is certainly beautiful in 2022.

Here are some key trends that will define the rest of 2022 and will also definitely dominate the wedding season of 2022. When buying your bridal jewellery, keep these trends in mind…

Diamond Jewelry Trends

1. Natural Solitaires

Natural diamond solitaires will never go out of style. They are always chic, always elegant. But the difference here is that solitaires are being clustered together. Whether it is as a string that makes a statement or set in different designs on a ring. Try getting a triple-stone diamond ring – pick three solitaires out of which two are same size and the third is bigger. Set the biggest stone in the centre, enclosed by the two smaller stones. If one solitaire can make you happy, imagine what many will do! From a designer’s perspective, it’s fun to mix different diamond cuts in one piece — it’s an illusionist’s game. It adds volume, helps play with proportions, creates different shapes and dimensions. Mismatched diamonds also show character and individuality.

2. Pinky rings

Believe it or not, pinky rings are meant for both sexes! Whether made with a single solitaire or incorporating a clustered design, gold diamond pinky rings are definitely versatile and this is the reason why they are so hot this year among global celebrities. We see no reason why you should not have one in your jewelry box. These rings can also be very affordable and are a great way to start building your gold diamond jewelry collection. The best bit – the range of styles can be really wide and yet, these pieces of jewelry can be really timeless.

3. Statement Earrings

For lovers of chandbaalis, danglers and shoulder dusters, the word statement earrings is music to the ears – literally! Even though chunky earrings have been popular for some years now, huge-sized earrings are popular even this year. Several designs – whether these are long earrings or hoops or shoulder-dusting chandelier earrings or jhumkis – there is something for everyone that likes to make heads turn with their choice of earrings. Latest jewelry design can be traditional or modern styles of earrings.

Polki jewelry with chunky stones can also create quite a statement. Sculptural designs in chandelier earrings that give an art deco look always give a very fashionable and glamorous look. And these designs are popular not just among gold diamond jewelry, other gemstones paired with diamonds are also popular in the design of statement earrings. Think royalty – vintage Hollywood glamour – be different!

5.  Fancy-shaped Diamonds

Now that cutting edge technologies are popular in the cutting of diamonds, diamond jewelry designs are becoming even more avant garde! So far, only round or sphere cut diamonds were being used in gold diamond jewelry. But now, apart from the traditional round shape, there are now a variety of shapes available for the lovers of diamonds.

These unusual diamond shapes are being made even more popular by diamond jewelry designers and celebrities all over the world. Vast majority of diamonds are cut as round brilliants, so there’s a point of differentiation with a fancy cut. It is still a natural diamond – but it is way different from the ordinary and has definitely more visual interest.

To cut a long story short, princess cuts, triangle cuts and many other cuts are being increasingly incorporated in stunning jewelry pieces. Elongated diamond shapes like oval and marquise appear to be the ones to look out for in 2022, and rightly so, they simply look good on everyone.  Our favourites are rose cut diamonds. Among the oldest diamond cuts in the world, they impart an understated, subtle elegance and vintage appeal to a piece. Rose cuts are flatter than brilliant cuts, have fewer facets and therefore shine delicately.

These rose cuts diamonds glimmer best in low light and look fantastic on brown Indian skin. Unusually cut diamonds look great as drop earrings. And a good diamond jewelry designer will be able to customise a piece to match that designer cocktail gown as well as make one for your absolutely traditional lehnga as well. Try your hands on mixing these diamonds with other precious gems to put together a look that will make you the centre of attention.

6. Thick Gold Diamond chains

Chains with exaggerated dimensions are very much in trend these days. Thank the rappers and Hollywood bling lovers for this trend. Necklaces, bracelets and even earrings with huge interlocked loops along with a retro flair are becoming popular all over the world. Even big names like Chanel and Versace have been inspired by this trend that has been around for more than a whole year. Gold diamond jewelry designers are also including a smattering of diamonds into the trend to make it even more irresistible.

7. Diamond Hearts

Diamonds have spoken the language of love for centuries. Amplify that voice with the shape of the heart too. Heart-shaped jewellery pieces – earrings, studs, pendants, linked chains, rings or bracelets decorated with diamonds are just so hot right now!. Whether they are layered earrings or wrap bracelets, stones cut and set in heart-shaped settings are here to stay!

8. Statement Engagement Rings

Statement engagement rings – large, sculptural or colourful – have created quite the splash for a long time and this trend is going to continue this year too when listing trends in diamond jewelry designs. Case in point being Megan Fox’s engagement ring. People are wanting to seal the deal of their relationships with engagement rings that are unique and have colourful twists that are not predictable and ordinary-looking. It is for this reason that rubies, sapphires and emeralds are increasingly being featured in designs with diamonds.

Even unusual stones – tanzanites, opals and tourmalines are having their moment of shine alongside diamonds. The biggest surprise is the emergence of yellow diamonds as a precious stone of immense popularity. Yellow diamonds are perfect for couples who want something a little different but still traditional. Matched couple rings in yellow diamond will definitely be a great idea if you want to pick just one trend to follow for your wedding in 2022.

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